This Is Why Your Workout Routine Must Include Rest Days

One trainer’s take on the importance of skipping the gym.

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If you’ve recently committed to a fitness plan, your enthusiasm may push you to hit the gym every single day. No matter how excited you are to reach that fitness goal, don’t. Trust us: Your mind and body need a recovery day.

Most fitness plans call for three to four workouts a week, not seven. That’s because exercise places stress on your muscles and joints. This is a good kind of stress, as long as your body gets a day or two off to recover. Not giving your body a rest day could lead to overuse injuries, like plantar fasciitis.

A recovery day doesn’t have to mean doing nothing, though. If you’re looking to maintain an active lifestyle even on a rest day, here’s what to do on rest days:

  • Low-intensity activity like walking the dog or riding a bike
  • Stretch it out (try practicing these daily stretches)
  • Eat right for fuel for tomorrow’s workout
  • Hydrate to make up for all that sweating

Notice anything? These are all healthy habits you should be doing anyway, even if you’re not on a fitness plan! So schedule out your four-day workout, and dedicate the remaining rest days to spend time with friends, family, and your adorable dog.