Learning How To Ski

In this episode of Guide to Winter, host Kate learns how to ski during her first ski lesson. Instructor Katherine teaches her the basics of skiing.

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Now that you know the right gear to keep you safe and warm, it's time to learn how to ski! In episode 2 of Guide to Winter, host Kate is ready to hit the slopes of Mountain Creek, New Jersey for her first ski lesson with instructor Katherine. Katherine teaches Kate the basics of how to ski, including how to move and how to stop on skis, so that she will feel comfortable on the mountain.

For someone who has never taken ski lessons before, Katherine recommends starting in just your boots. She explains that there are four ways you can move on skis: up and down, forward on your toes, backward on your heels and side to side by turning your feet.

After learning the basic movements of skiing, it is time for the skis themselves. Katherine points out the parts of a ski while Kate is putting them on, including the base and binding, which is where you'll put your foot. When putting the toe of your boot into the toe piece, make sure you push it in until you hear a click.

With both skis on, you're ready to go! Make sure to stand up straight and tall, and watch where you're going rather than looking at your feet. When going down the slope, Katherine suggests keeping your arms out as if you are holding a tray of cookies.

When learning how to ski, you also have to learn how to stop! Katherine explains three ways to make a stop while skiing. If you don't have time to make a turn, you can do what's called a snow plow and bring the front tips of your skis together to form a V-shape. You can also turn your skis uphill, or you can do a hockey top similar to how you would on ice skates.

Kate moves on to a bigger hill. Pointing your skis downhill will cause you to pick up speed, so you will also have to slowly turn your feet. Make sure to keep looking up!

Now that you've learned the basics of how to ski, it's time for ski practice.