Ski Lessons and Practice

In this episode of Guide to Winter,Kate heads up the ski lift and hits the slopes to practice what she learned in her ski lessons.

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In this episode of Guide to Winter, host Kate heads up the ski lift at Mountain Creek, New Jersey to practice the skills she learned during her ski lessons. Once you learn the basics of how to ski, you can be confident in your ability to go down the slopes in control.

During the first part of her ski lessons, instructor Katherine showed Kate the basics of skiing. Kate learned about movement, turning and how to stop while skiing. It's time to make your way to the ski lift that will take you up the mountain. Instructor Katherine shares some quick tips for getting on and off a ski lift. First, take the ski poles off the straps and hold them in your hands. Next, sit down when you feel the chair come up behind you. Finally, when getting off the ski lift you want to lean forward and point your skis downhill. 

When practicing ski turns, make sure to stand up nice and tall and keep your head up to look where you are going. Katherine also encourages Kate to take more time while maneuvering her turns by slowly counting to four. 

Keep practicing these skiing basics and remember Katherine's tips for getting on and off a ski lift. The more you practice how to ski, the more safe and confident you will be each time you hit the slopes.