Learning How To Snowboard

In this episode of Guide to Winter, host Kate learns how to snowboard during snowboarding lessons in Mountain Creek, New Jersey.

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When it comes to winter sports, it can be a blast to try something new! In episode 4 of Guide to Winter, host Kate learns how to snowboard. Kate heads to Mountain Creek, New Jersey for her first snowboarding lesson. Even though she has never tried snowboarding before, instructor Evan is there to teach Kate the basics of how to snowboard.

First Evan shows Kate the four core movements that are essential when learning how to snowboard. It is important to get comfortable with these movements before actually stepping onto the snowboard. Evan breaks down and isolates each body movement. Start with basic foot to foot movements, shifting from side to side. Next practice back and forth heel to toe movements, feeling the pressure on your toes. Next rotate your head and shoulders, then just your hips. Finally practice squatting down low then standing up again. 

It's time to grab your snowboard to practice some basic skating movements, in order to get comfortable sliding across the snow. First practice balancing with one leg on the snowboard and pushing along with the other leg. Remember to bend your knees. Once you strap both feet onto the snowboard, practice the four core movements you worked on earlier and practice shifting your weight as you go down a slope. When Kate gets comfortable with these basic snowboarding movements, she heads down the mountain to practice turns. 

Now that you've learned the basics of how to snowboard, remember that practice makes perfect! Tune into episode 5 of Guide to Winter for more snowboarding tips.