4 Cardio Exercises for a Fat-Burning Workout at Home

You don't need to hop on a treadmill for this cardio workout.

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Bad weather outside? Don't want to leave your house? Desperately need some cardio in your life? Join Rob Sulaver in this heart-racing home cardio workout that will get you moving. This video includes four basic heart-spiking moves, as well as their more difficult modifications.

The first exercise is power marches. March in place, with your arms tight by your sides and bringing your knees as high as you can. Keep your spine long, and drive your feet into the ground. Modification 1: add a little skip before you switch legs. Keep it low to the ground, so you can alternate quickly. Modification 2: Skip even higher, so you're coming well off the ground. Keep everything tight. 

Exercise two is jumping jacks. Keep your arms and legs long, and your feet light. Make sure your movements are sharp, rather than loose. Modification 1: crisscross your feet when you jump inwards. Make sure to alternate which leg cross in front. Modification 2: Starting standing tall with feet together, jump up and shoot your arms and legs out into an X position. Bring your arms and legs back along your body quickly before you land.

Exercise three is mountain climbers. Starting in pushup position, bring your each knee into your chest, mimicking a running motion. Try to squeeze your knee as close to your chin as you can to maximize the ab workout. Modification 1: have your knee reach for the opposite elbow. This rotation will fire up those abs. Modification 2: Bring your leg in and across your torso, and reach it out past your body. Return to start and repeat on the other side. 

Exercise four is burpees. Start standing up, place your hands onto the ground and jump back into a push-up position. Jump your feet back in, and jump straight up with your arms reaching the ceiling. Repeat. Modification 1: as you jump out to plank position, add in a push up. Modification 2: perform the standard burpee, but on one leg at a time

Repeat each exercise for thirty seconds, three rounds each.