This Couch Workout Is Perfect for Lazy Days

Do these couch exercises when you're not feeling the gym.

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Sometimes the hardest part of working out is peeling your butt of the couch. Today, we’ve got some good news for you – we’re not going anywhere!

In this episode of Just Get Started, Certified Personal Trainer, Rob Sulaver is going to show you some exercise moves you can do from your couch! No gym and no equipment needed. Here are the moves you’ll be doing: couch crunches to work on your abs, couch squats to work your quads and glutes, couch push ups to work your chest and triceps, and finally lateral shuffles to get some cardio in too.

First, you’re going to begin with a round of warm ups. The first exercise are the couch crunches, followed by the squats, and the rest of the moves for 10 seconds each.

After this round, you’re going to be working at a higher level; instead of doing these moves for just 10 seconds each, you will be doing each for 20 seconds. Rob will be doing this round a quicker pace but feel free to follow along at your own pace.

For the final round, you will be doing the same moves for 30 seconds each. This round’s a toughie but try hard to keep up and finish strong. You can do this!

Who ever thought you could get such a good workout out of a couch? Well, no more sitting! Try doing this workout the next time you’re tempted to sit down and watch TV.