This Little Daily Habit Can Boost Your Body Confidence

What one personal trainer tells herself every day.

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Raise your hand if you look in the mirror and start focusing on your flaws. Those negative judgments might become your motivation for hitting the gym. However, that mindset runs on shame and fear. Personal trainer Holly Rilinger wants her clients to think about body confidence differently. Her advice: Love your body. Period.

According to Holly, when you practice self love, you want to eat right or work out to take care of your body, not to punish it. If you love your body, you may be more likely to stick to your workout schedule because you know that your leg routines will prevent you from injuries and your core workouts will improve your balance. If you focus on self love, you’ll choose oranges over, say, tortilla chips because you know whole foods are filled with fiber and vitamins that can strengthen your immune system.

So next time you see the mirror, build a positive body image. To do this, specifically notice the things you love about your body. Remember that this bod is the tool that physically allows you to experience life, so love your body.