This Glutes Workout Will Tone Your Butt in 10 Minutes

You need to try trainer Holly Rilinger's quick butt workout.

Strong glutes increase your force and power during everything from sprinting, jumping, and squatting to climbing, swinging, and cutting from side to side. It's time to work those glutes and tone your butt in just 10 minutes. 

In this quick butt workout, certified personal trainer Holly Rilinger will show you several moves which you'll be doing for 10 reps each followed by 10 seconds to recover. Your glutes are the largest and strongest muscles in your body. They consist of three different muscles: gluteus minimus, medius and maximus. The three muscles work together to abduct, rotate and extend the hip. Strengthening your glutes can help improve posture and make sitting down, standing, picking up heavy objects and climbing stairs easier. Developing strong glutes can also improve athletic performance and decrease your risk for injuries.




Holly Rilinger

This video features Holly Rilinger. Coach, trainer, and 10-year veteran of the fitness world, Holly Rilinger is known as one of the most inspiring motivational trainers in the game.

Duration: 10:46. Last Updated On: Nov. 8, 2017, 6:14 p.m.
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