This Yoga Sequence Tones Your Core in 10 Minutes

Strengthen your core with these effective yoga postures.

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Yoga holds both physical and mental benefits, incorporating yoga in the beginning your daily routine can give you the jump start you need.  

Bright summer mornings are a perfect time for this ten minute yoga core sequence! No better way to start a morning than doing some mindful yoga. Yoga is a very physically and mentally demanding type of fitness, being able to relax and turn your attention to your breath can seem very tedious. By turning your mind off from distractions has great benefits to your daily thinking process! 

Start your day off right as Jennifer Galardi guides you through this sequence to tighten your abs and give you a burst of morning energy. Flow through a variety of core strengthening poses, starting with core stabilization, and then moving to transverse abdominal used for supporting your back. This core sequence is also perfect to strengthen the core for other outdoor summer sports like surfing and cycling.