10-Minute Yoga Routine to Boost Your Balance

Falling might be inevitable, but so is picking yourself right back up.

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Whether you’re seeking mental balance in your busy life, or physical balance to stay on your feet, this yoga sequence will help you find it. By centering the body and focusing on your balance on the mat, you can stay balanced off the mat as well.

In this episode of Flow, yoga instructor Elise Joan guides you through a series of poses that strengthen the core and legs to improve your balance.

The moves should challenge you, so falling may be inevitable. However, Elise says that the fear of falling is worse than the fall itself, so pick yourself back up, shake it off, and get back into the pose. It’s all part of the path to better balance—and the ever-elusive art forgiving ourselves.

This yoga series for balance includes the following poses:

  • Chair

  • Warrior 3

  • Forward Fold

  • Funky Chair

  • Half Moon

  • Goddess

  • Crescent

  • Twisting Half Moon

  • Twisting Warrior 3

As you flow through these moves, remember to focus on balance. When you find balance on the mat, think of how you could practice the same balance in other parts of your life: with work, rest, family, and friends. Each breath is an opportunity to exhale negativity and inhale new aspirations.

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