10-Minute Yoga Series Perfect for Beginners

The yoga poses are simple but strong.

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If you’re an aspirational yogi and breaking in your new yoga mat, it’s natural to feel a tad intimidated. Yoga moves the body in new ways and will work some muscles like no other activity can do.

But fear not—nobody expects you to do a handstand on your first day. To start your path to yogi status, start with the basic yoga postures and progress from there.

In this episode of Flow, yoga instructor Elise Joan shows the foundational yoga moves that are perfect for beginners. These simple yoga poses are essential in almost all types of yoga and will slowly help you build up your strength for more challenging moves.

This yoga series for beginners uses the following yoga poses:

  • Lunge

  • Hamstring Stretch

  • Extended Side Angle

  • Plank

  • Cobra

  • Child's Pose

  • Backbend

  • Downward Facing Dog

  • Crescent

  • Forward Fold with Twist

  • Upward Facing Dog

While doing these moves, focus carefully on your form and posture. Always lengthen the body, which means extending the fingers, keeping a long, straight back, holding the shoulders down and back, and activating the core muscles. In yoga, having a long, strong posture is more important than being able to touch your toes or get in a full split position.

To continue practicing your yoga, try these five restorative yoga poses to help you center your breath and body.