10-Minute Yoga Routine to Boost Your Confidence

These yoga poses are seriously empowering.

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Ever notice how the most confident people in the room seem to use larger gestures, take a wider stance, and exude a larger presence? Body language experts have cited this difference between people with high and low confidence for years. That might be because those with less confidence may feel like they do not deserve the space and do not want to get in the way of those who do.

If you feel physically and mentally closed off and are seeking empowerment, these yoga moves may help you build confidence. In this episode of Flow, yoga instructor Elise Joan leads you through a series of confidence-boosting yoga poses designed to help you become more comfortable taking up physical space.

As you do the yoga poses, focus on your strength and power. These intermediate-level yoga moves require some vigor and skill, so celebrate your capabilities and notice how it feels to use space with confidence.

This yoga series for empowerment uses the following yoga poses:

  • Wide Leg Forward Fold

  • Goddess Pose Twists

  • Goddess Pose Heel Lifts

  • Scandasana

  • Warrior 2

  • Reverse Warrior

  • Goddess Pose Double Heel Lifts

  • Tree Pose

The more you practice these yoga poses for confidence, the stronger your body will become. As you see yourself making progress and getting into deeper, more challenging poses, remember to recognize and feel empowered by your accomplishments.

To continue practicing your confidence, try this three-minute guided meditation for positive affirmation.