10-Minute Yoga Routine for More Core Strength

Work those abs and de-stress with these yoga poses.

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Looking for a stronger core? You may not realize that your humble yoga routine is actually one of the best workouts to tone the midsection. Its constant focus on balance, flexibility, and stability means your core is constantly activated—and burning. (Anyone who has attempted a side plank can certainly attest to this.)

Before you settle on crunches, try this yoga routine to tone your core. In this episode of Flow, yoga instructor Elise Joan guides you through a yoga sequence that will challenge and build strength in your abs, giving you better balance and posture. While almost all yoga poses require some core engagement, these moves are some of the most rigorous. (Do we sense a six pack in the future?)

This yoga series to tone your core includes the following poses:

- Boat Pose

- Half Boat Pose

- Table Top

- Cat Cow

- Glute Lifts

- Child’s Pose

- Forearm Plank

- Side Plank

- Scissor Kicks

While doing these yoga poses, focus on keeping your core muscles activated at all times. If you feel your body drooping at the midsection while you plank, that means your abs are not doing their job! Tighten them up, keep your body straight, and smile through the burn.

For more yoga poses to work the core, try this 10-minute yoga routine for balance.