Can't Sleep? This Soothing Yoga Routine Fights Insomnia

Forget counting sheep! Try these yoga moves before bed.

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Having trouble falling asleep at night? Some yoga for sleep poses work great to relax the mind and body and enjoy a peaceful sleep. This cooling yoga practice involves several poses that will do the trick and help you wind down before hitting the hay. 

Jennifer takes us through each pose and guides us through this calming yoga for sleep routine. Before you begin, Jennifer recommends starting off with some simple breathing exercises. Throughout the entire session, make sure to inhale slowly and emphasize on your exhales, keeping the breathing smooth and deep. These yoga for sleep poses include the Forward Bend, Downward Facing Dog, Child's Pose and Pigeon, all ideal for letting go of stress and anxiety that might be blocking your mind from rest. These will all help calm the nervous system and slow everything down from body to mind and allow you to doze off into a deep relaxing sleep.