10-Minute Yoga Routine to Tone Up Your Butt

These yoga poses help your rear look amazing in those yoga pants.

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We don’t have to tell you the visual benefit of working your butt—or shall we say glutes?—but appearance isn’t everything. The gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus make up one of the strongest muscle groups in the body. These butt muscles allow you to move, rotate, and extend the hips. When your glutes are strong, you put less pressure on other muscles and joints, especially the legs and back. That means you’ll have a reduced risk of injury.

(But if your main motivation is looking good in those yoga pants, that’s cool, too. We won’t judge.)

In this episode of Flow, yoga instructor Elise Joan guides you through a sequence of yoga poses that work every part of the glutes to lift, shape, and strengthen the butt. These yoga poses for your butt may look simple, but you’ll definitely feel the burn after a few reps of pretzel lifts.

This yoga series to tone your butt includes the following poses:

- Child’s Pose

- Dolphin Stretch

- Heel Press Lifts

- Pretzel Lifts

- Pretzel Press

- Pretzel Circles

- Side Bend

- Forward Fold

While completing these yoga poses, it is crucial to remember that the integrity of the stretch is more important than the look of it. In other words, don’t overstrain yourself to reach your toes just to make the stretch appear more impressive to others. As long as you feel the burn, your stretch is doing its job.

Want more yoga? Now that you’ve done these strengthening exercises, try a more cardio-focused yoga routine.