10-Minute Yoga Routine That's Perfect If You Love Warrior Poses

You’ll strike plenty of powerful warrior poses with this yoga sequence.

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If you love warrior poses, this yoga routine may be your new go-to workout. It makes sense why these poses are so common in yoga classes and beloved among yogis both new and longtime. Honestly, is there anything more empowering than striking a deep Warrior 2?

Warrior poses are an incredible workout for the legs. The deep stances require your legs to work insanely hard to hold your body stable. You might even feel your legs shake the first few times you try it. The more you do these warrior yoga poses, the more stable your legs will feel, so you’ll truly see evidence of your body’s progress on the mat.

In this episode of Flow, yoga instructor Faith Hunter shows an intermediate sequence of traditional warrior poses, with some other foundational yoga moves to enhance the flow (and give your legs a break from time to time).

This yoga series with warrior poses includes the following moves:

- Mountain Pose

- Forward Fold

- Downward Facing Dog

- Plank

- Chatarunga (Low Push Up)

- Upward Facing Dog

- Downward Facing Dog Split

- Warrior 1

- Warrior 2

- Chair Pose

- Warrior 3

Warrior 3 is certainly challenging, and it’s okay if you lose your balance. Try to count how many breaths you can hold the pose for, and see if you can hold it longer each time.

If you want more yoga moves to improve your warrior poses, try this 10-minute yoga sequence for improving your balance.