3 Tricks for Separating Egg Yolk

A lot of recipes call for separating egg yolk from the egg whites. Phoebe Lapine shows you three easy ways to do just that!

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First, prepare two small bowls, one for the egg yolk and one for the egg whites. The first way to separate the egg yolk is to use the egg shell to transfer the yolk back and forth letting all of the whites drip out into one of the small bowls. 

The second way is to actually crack open the entire egg into one bowl and use an empty plastic water bottle to suction the yolk portion up. Then, once the egg yolk is in the water bottle, simply transfer it into the second yolk bowl by letting it drip out of the water bottle. 

The last method of separating egg yolk is the old-fashioned ways, using your hands! Crack the egg and place the yolk on your palm and let all the egg whites fall out from between your fingers into the egg white bowl. This way is a little messy but all you have to do is make sure you wash your hands afterwards!