Basil, Feta and Watermelon Salad

Chef Michael Hamilton shows you how to make a delicious Basil, Feta and Watermelon Salad, which is a cool refreshing dish perfect for the summer!

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Chef Michael Hamilton from the Surf Lodge in Montauk, Long Island shows you how to make one of their top dishes: basil, feta and watermelon salad. This is a refreshing and light dish that is great for a hot summer day. In this dish you’re going to have a great combination of fresh watermelon, lemon, some pickled watermelon and brined feta cheese that really brings it together.

First you’re going to start off slicing up some watermelon into thin slices and start placing them on your plate. Then you season these with some Maldon salt and finish it off with some extra virgin olive oil to build up those flavors coming through. Then add some of the pickled watermelon over the fresh watermelon slices. You can pickle watermelons at home by salting up the rinds of the watermelon overnight and put them into a pickling liquid. Then you’re going to add some sweet yellow cherry tomatoes on top. This contrast between acidity and sweetness is what makes this salad so delicious.

Then Chef Hamilton adds some basil seeds, which are used in Vietnamese cooking. These rehydrate and take in the flavor of whatever you steep them in. You mix these seeds into some sugar, white wine vinegar, and water and lightly put some on top your salad. Then comes the cheese! Add some crumbled feta cheese, which Chef Hamilton seasons with lemon, peppermint, mint, and olive oil. Finally you can top this all off with some micro-basil and there you have it! Enjoy this refreshing basil, feta and watermelon salad perfect for the summer.