5 Healthy Green Foods and Recipe Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

No green food dye needed for these recipes!

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There are a number of ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day—and let’s just say that not all of them are healthy. (Psst, here are the risks of binge-drinking. Share it with a friend.) One simple way is by adding lots of green to your day. You decorate with green shamrocks, wear emerald clothes, and eat food the color of an Irish pasture.

If you thought you needed food dye to turn your meals green, think again. There are natural and healthy ways to enjoy emerald-hued foods for St. Patrick’s Day.

Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

1. Avocado edamame “hummus”

The combination of avocado and edamame is enough to turn your hummus green. As an added bonus, avocado adds creaminess and healthy fats, while the edamame is a great source of plant-based protein. Both healthy fats and protein can help you stay full until your next meal.

Find out how to make avocado edamame hummus from Gourmet with Blakely.

2. Tropical green smoothie

Baby spinach adds emerald color, but you’ll only taste the tropical fruits, like mango and pineapple. Of course, you can make any smoothie green by adding spinach. However, it works especially well with tropical fruits because the orange and yellow hues make the green more vibrant.

Check out the recipe for a tropical green smoothie at The Edible Cure.

3. Cauliflower colcannon

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so why not celebrate with this traditional Irish side dish? Usually, this recipe puts the spotlight on mashed potatoes and cabbage. However, this version uses mashed cauliflower and kale.

Using cauliflower helps lower the carb count, and kale adds fiber and vitamins A, C, and K. Plus, kale pumps up the green color (sorry, cabbage). Find out how to make cauliflower kale colcannon at Wallflower Kitchen.

4. Smashed chickpea and avocado salad sandwich

If you like egg salad sandwiches, try this plant-based, mayo-free version. The avocado stands in for the mayonnaise. This adds great color, along with fresh spinach and cilantro. It’s all mashed up with chickpeas, which add lean, fiber-rich protein.

Check out the recipe for smashed chickpea and avocado salad sandwich at Two Peas and Their Pod.

5. Spinach potato soup

There are a number of emerald-colored soups to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day. There’s cream of asparagus soup, green gazpacho, or split pea soup. However, a soup with potatoes just seems more fitting for an Irish feast.

The potatoes aren’t just symbolic here. They can actually help add a natural creaminess to soup, so you don’t have to add high-fat heavy cream. Find out how to make spinach potato soup from Upbeet Kitchen.

If none of these sham-rock your world, check out these other green foods: