Speedy Breakfasts You Can Eat After Hitting Snooze Three Times

It’s never too late to get a good brekkie in.

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The snooze button is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, it buys you an extra nine minutes of sleep (or 18 … or 27). But each time you press snooze, you’re likelihood of having a real breakfast plummets.

If you can break the habit of hitting snooze, waking up a little earlier can have many extra benefits to your health, such as giving you time to meditate or have a relaxing breakfast. (Here are things all healthy people try to do before 9 A.M.)

For many people, however, that’s not always a feasible option. If you’ve snoozed an extra half an hour, it might seem like the only breakfast that makes sense to grab is a snack bar—or nothing at all. (If you do tend to reach for the breakfast bars, don’t fret: Here are tips to buying a healthier snack bar.)    

If you’re a morning scrambler, you have more options than you think. These five breakfast ideas can all be made in one or two minutes, and some can be taken out the door and into work with you.

1. Overnight oats.

This is kind of cheating, but if you’re prone to oversleeping, you might be better off prepping your breakfast the night before. That way, you’re guaranteed to have a breakfast waiting for you—and hey, that requires zero minutes of your morning routine. Plus, you’ll get the heart-healthy benefits of oatmeal.

Here’s how to make overnight oatmeal:

  • Combine oats and skim or soy milk in a jar.

  • Mix in a fruit, like frozen berries or mashed banana.

  • Flavor with vanilla extract or cinnamon.

  • For an omega-3 boost, add chia seeds.

  • Cover and refrigerate overnight, and in the morning, you’ll have delicious, pudding-like oatmeal that needs no cooking at all.

Check out this overnight banana oatmeal recipe by the American Heart Association.

2. Scrambled eggs … in the microwave.  

In a perfect world, you could hard-boil eggs and have them ready to go in the morning. If it slipped your mind (hey, you’re human), you *still* have time to get your egg on. Not everyone knows this, but you can actually make scrambled eggs in the microwave. Here’s how you do it:

  • Whisk two eggs, a splash of milk, a little cheese, and some salt and pepper in a dish.

  • Cover and microwave for 45 seconds.

  • Whisk again with a fork, and then microwave for another 15 to 30 seconds. Just like on the stove, microwaved eggs can dry out if you overcook them, but with a few tries you’ll figure out just how many seconds it takes to get the lazy scrambled eggs of your dreams.

  • Eat as is, or mix in some spinach for added potassium and vitamin A. (The leaves will cook down once they’re hit by the hot eggs.)

3. “Baked” oatmeal … in the microwave.

The microwave saves the day yet again. Baked oatmeal is a cake-like version of the classic creamy porridge, but it takes 20 minutes or more to bake. Nope, not happening. Not today, anyway.

If you’ve ever made a microwave mug cake, this follows the same process:

  • Mix quick oats, an egg, some berries, and some baking powder in a mug.

  • Microwave for two to three minutes.

Check out this recipe for Blueberry Banana Microwave Baked Oatmeal by Kim’s Cravings.

4. Peanut butter and banana wraps.

Not enough time to wait for your toaster? Roll up some PB and banana deliciousness:

  • Skip the bread and grab a whole-wheat tortilla.

  • Slather on some peanut or almond butter (and do your best to stick to just two tablespoons).

  • Add a banana in the center, and roll it up.

You can switch it up and try other combinations, like pecan butter and apple slices, or cashew butter and fresh strawberries. But TBH, bananas require the least amount of time and effort since you don’t need to slice or de-seed them.

5. Smoothie popsicles.

Here’s another one your snoozin’ future self will thank you for:

In the morning, you’ll have a smoothie ready to take with you, and you won’t even need to leave a dirty blender in the sink.

Sorry, alarm clock. We might just snooze one more time after all.