5 Easy Pizza Hacks That Are Healthier Than Delivery

If homemade pizza sounds like too much work, try these cheats.

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It’s a feeling you probably know all too well: You’re finishing up your final minutes at work, and the thought of going home and cooking dinner has you groaning at your desk. “It would be so much easier to just order a pizza,” you think.

Once the thought of gooey pizza enters your mind, it’s a difficult idea to shake. You know that you can probably make a healthier pizza at home; after all, the delivery pizza tends to be ultra greasy, insanely high in sodium, and heavy on the mozz. But on a day like today, when you barely have the energy to sit up straight in your chair, who has the energy to roll out pizza dough?

Although it’s not as easy as dialing your favorite pizza place or clicking through the delivery options online, there are several pizza hacks that capture the je ne sais quoi of a tasty pizza—while swapping out the standard pizza dough for something simpler and more nutritious.

There’s a time and place for delivery pizza, but for healthier and easier pizza at home, try these hacks:

  1. Baked potato pizzas: Sure, a baked potato is far from a pizza crust, but they are a pleasantly starchy base for your favorite pizza toppings. Plus, they add fiber, protein, and potassium. (Don’t believe anyone who tells you potatoes are empty calories.)

  2. Whole-wheat pita pizza: Using pita bread instead of your crust has numerous benefits. It’s the perfect size for a personal pizza, so everyone can personalize their own pizza. Plus, pita bread is usually a minimally processed bread with very few ingredients. It’s also *just* the right thickness. For fluffier crust, try whole-wheat naan bread; for thinner crust, try a whole-wheat tortilla.

  3. Zucchini pizza boats: For a low-cal, gluten-free, and grain-free pizza, slice zucchini in half lengthwise and pile your toppings on top. Eggplant also works.

  4. Whole-wheat English muffin pizza: English muffins toast up so beautifully, so they make a crispy, crunchy crust that’s perfect for pizza. Whole-wheat English muffins are also healthy, affordable, and perfectly portioned.

  5. Cauliflower steak pizza: If you’ve never heard of cauliflower steak, prepare to have your mind blown: You slice a “slab” of cauliflower, season it as desired, and roast it in the oven. (It isn’t meant to be a steak replacement—just a fun way to eat cauliflower.) For a fun twist on cauliflower steak, top it with pizza toppings and roast it.  (Alternatively, you could actually make cauliflower crust for a little more work.)

If you’re looking for something easy to cure your craving for pizza, these hacks are the perfect fix for a busy weeknight. Delivery? You can slice that idea.