Make This Eggplant Lasagna for a Healthy Pasta Night

It’s got plenty of protein, even without the meat.

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You love lasagna, you feel guilty about the cheese and carbs. Enter this healthy vegetarian eggplant lasagna.  It has all the flavors you love in lasagna, but it’s boosted with whole-grain noodles and fiber-packed veggies.

Many eggplant lasagna recipes omit the noodles and instead use long strips of eggplant. In this episode of Diabetes Bites, Fiorella DiCarlo, RD, CDN, shows how to make an easy lasagna recipe that keeps some of the noodles (yesss) but uses whole wheat pasta for a hearty meal with extra fiber and protein.

The key to making this eggplant lasagna healthy is bulking up the layers with light veggies like zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms. Traditional lasagna can contain a lot of saturated fat from all that ground beef, so skipping the meat and opting for vegetables reduces fat, calories, and cholesterol. More importantly, swapping in the veggies will give the lasagna more blood sugar-steadying fiber as well as vitamins and minerals.

And don’t worry about protein: Even though you’re skipping the meat, this lasagna will still give you plenty of protein from the whole wheat pasta, cheese mixture, and veggies. (Yep: Vegetables have protein!)

Lasagna is always a great option for serving guests because it can be prepared ahead of time and baked before serving. You can even prepare it days in advance, and then store it in the freezer until the day you need it. Plus—let’s be honest—lasagna is a total crowd-pleaser.

Casserole dishes are always a bit more time-consuming, but this easy eggplant lasagna comes together a bit faster than most. Plus, lasagnas reheat beautifully, so they work great as leftovers to enjoy throughout the week. In fact, some people claim lasagna tastes better the next day (but we’ll let you decide that one).