Heirloom Tomatoes and Creamy Burrata

Chef Hamilton teaches you how to make a fresh salad using heirloom tomatoes with creamy burrata cheese. A classic combination, perfect for the summer.

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Charlii takes you to the Surf Lodge in Montauk, Long Island where Chef Michael Hamilton will show you how to make the perfect heirloom tomatoes with creamy burrata cheese. Every heirloom tomato has its own unique flavor; they are incredibly natural, have no pesticides, and even differ in shape and form.

Chef Hamilton will include both yellow heirloom tomatoes, which tend to be sweeter, as well as darker ones, which have a much richer taste. First you have to slice up these tomatoes and season them with a mix of some Maldon salt, a little bit of fine salt, and some good quality olive oil. Then comes the fresh burrata cheese.

Burrata cheese is cheese that has been dipped into water and stuffed with cream, giving it an amazingly creamy texture. Top this off with a little more Maldon salt, Chef Hamilton’s “icing on the cake” and then finish it up with some salad.

For the salad that will go on top, you can combine some pea leaves, arugula, and purple basil which will give the plate some more color. This simple but delicious dish is a classic combination of sweet, savory, and sour that works really well for the summer.