How to Cut a Bell Pepper

Learn how to cut a bell pepper the easy way with Phoebe Lapine! This method will help you remove the ribs and seeds from the pepper in no time.

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Open up the cook book and find your favorite stuffed bell pepper recipe! Before you can stuff you have to learn how to prepare it!  

First you’re going to take the top and bottom off of the peppers. Then you have to cut open one side, running your knife along it, cutting off all the ribs which can be pretty bitter. With this you are also separating away the bell pepper seeds, and you are left with a beautiful long bell pepper ribbon, which you can cut however you’d like. You can cut it into sections and slice the bell pepper up however you’d like into thin little matchsticks to dip into hummus or take with you on the go. In less than a minute, you have your bell pepper prepped and ready for any occasion!