How to Cut a Grapefruit for Easy Snacking

Each little wedge will slide right out!

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While you can easily pull apart oranges segment by segment, cutting and peeling a grapefruit takes a little more work. The membranes of grapefruit are thicker than those of its sweeter, oranger cousin, so some simple knife skills are essential to make the snack more enjoyable.

True—you could simply dig away into the grapefruit with a spoon, but you’ll likely end up with grapefruit juice splattered all over your table and hands. With a paring knife, you can cut a grapefruit to make those grapefruit pieces slide easily out of their membranes to be enjoyed by the spoonful.  

To cut a grapefruit for easy snacking, cut the citrus crosswise using a large chef’s knife. Then, grab a paring knife and slide it along each side of the segment, right along the grapefruit membrane. Finally, cut along the edge of each grapefruit segment to separate the grapefruit from the white pith and peel.

After this simple prep work, your spoon should be able to wedge out each grapefruit piece with ease.

If you’re looking to add whole slices to a salad, for example, here’s how to segment a grapefruit.