How to Cut a Lettuce Wedge to Up Your Salad Game

Iceberg lettuce can be tricky to cut. This will save so much time.

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We all want to eat more salad—it’s such an easy way to sneak in healthy veggies. But it’s easy to get bored with your go-to greens, especially if you feel like you always have to pick uber-healthy kale. Poor old iceberg lettuce may have gotten a bad rep for lacking as many nutrients as other kinds of lettuce, but here’s why you should consider working iceberg back into your salad rotation. Iceberg lettuce is super-low in calories and has a satisfying crunch that holds up well to thicker salad dressings. Iceberg is a hearty green that maintains its crunch and freshness longer than others (looking at you, arugula), and its refreshing, neutral flavor makes it versatile for a variety of vinaigrettes or vegetable toppings. 

Entertaining guests? Serving a wedge salad is the perfect way to modernize iceberg lettuce, and its visual appeal will woo dinner guests. After thoroughly washing the lettuce and removing its outer leaves, simply quarter the head of lettuce into four gorgeous wedges. With just a simple dressing (we love this sherry vinaigrette recipe), this wedge salad is ready for serving. 

Here’s another fun tip: Iceberg lettuce is one of the few greens that’s hearty enough to be grilled. To take your iceberg wedge to the next level, brush the cut sides with a bit of olive oil, season with salt, and grill until the telltale grill marks form, about two minutes. Flip to the other cut side of the lettuce wedge and repeat. This variation makes a fun, light side dish for a backyard cookout!