How to Cut a Squash

Cutting and peeling squash may look intimidating, but it’s easier than you think if you follow these tips.

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Ready to ditch the cans of pureed squash? While undeniably convenient, cans or cartons of pureed butternut squash will cost you more money per pound and result in a less flavorful final product. Plus, aluminum cans tend to leave butternut squash with a metallic taste—no thanks! Winter squash may be a great source of fiber, but you also want your food to taste good. The solution? Save money and flavor by roasting your squash at home.

Whether you’re cooking spaghetti squash or butternut squash, this trick for cutting that massive squash in half will make the process a bit easier—and, um, safer. Attempting to cut a squash with a chef knife can be tricky since the squashes are round and rock-solid. This squash-cutting method will eliminate that hassle.

The secret to simple squash cutting? You’ll actually need to grab your toolbox for this! A hammer (or a kitchen mallet, if you have one) will help you drive the knife through the squash. After cutting off the top and bottom ends of the squash, begin cutting the squash lengthwise with your chef knife. Once the knife is firmly wedged into the squash, use the mallet or hammer to pound the knife all the way through the squash. Be sure to have a firm hand on the handle of the knife as you do this—that will prevent the squash from rolling off your cutting board.

Now that your squash is halved, you can season it and send it to the oven! Roasted squash is the first step to making a cozy butternut squash soup or as a colorful twist on mashed potatoes. Dinner guests will swoon over this silky side at Thanksgiving! If you’re baking spaghetti squash, use those flavorful strands as a unique base for your favorite pasta sauce and enjoy a new take on pasta night.