How to Hull Fresh Strawberries

Phoebe Lapine shows you how hull fresh strawberries in just one quick and easy motion. All you need is a straw and 30 seconds!

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The hull of a strawberry is what makes up the leaves and the core beneath the cap of the berry. In this video, Phoebe Lapine shows you how to hull fresh strawberries in a quick and easy way. All you need is a jumbo straw! 

You just have to put the strawberry flat side down onto the cutting board and place the straw over the corner of the berry. Then all you need to is gently push the straw through the strawberry and through the top until you have the hull cleanly taken out of the strawberry and at the end of the straw. Pull the hull out and you’re all set! You now have this great little tunnel where you can put some delicious dark chocolate ganache, whipped cream, or any other filling that will work well with a strawberry. These will make a great dessert for a hot summer day!