How to Peel Carrots in Way Less Time

If you peel carrots in only one direction, you’re doing it wrong.

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No surprising tools here! We’re peeling carrots with—you guessed it—a vegetable peeler. However, there’s a little adjustment you can make to your carrot peeling technique that will help you peel those carrots in fewer motions.

Here’s the secret: Have you noticed how vegetable peelers have blades that are symmetrical on each side? You can actually use the peeler from either angle, so optimize your efforts and run the blade in BOTH directions on the carrot. Instead of only peeling the carrot skin downward, peel the skin on your way back up the carrot, too! That way, each stroke will peel twice instead of once.

Now that you have the most tedious part of working with carrots finished (and it wasn’t that bad, right?), you have a variety of options for enjoying them. Julienne carrots to make crudites that are perfect for dipping. You can also puree the carrots for a vegetable smoothie or homemade carrot baby food.

And before you say, “Why can’t I just buy baby carrots?”, here’s something you should know. Baby carrots (or, more accurately, “baby-cut” carrots) might not need any peeling, but you pay more per ounce. That’s because these carrots have been slightly processed; they’re cut from larger carrots and then polished up. So save your money, grab your vegetable peeler, and start peeling those carrots!