How to Pit Olives

Pitting olives is much easier than you think! This video uses kalamata olives to demonstrate a fast and simple technique for how to pit olives.

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Olives are a great antipasti, but when you're going to be adding them to your sauces or salads, you definitely don't want to be biting into a pit. While it may seem like a tedious job, pitting olives is easier than you think!

Phoebe uses Kalamata olives in this video to demonstrate how to pit olives, but you can use this trick for any type of olive you'd like. Here's a simple technique to do it. All you have to do is lay an olive on a chopping board, and with a knife you can just smash (rather than cut) your olive until it flattens out a bit and then you can very easily remove the pit from the olive. This is a much faster way to pit olives and will help you speed up the prep time for your next meal!