How to Properly Cut Goat Cheese

If you’re looking to make goat cheese rounds, here is a genius no-knife kitchen hack to cut goat cheese.

The creamy tang of goat cheese makes it a popular addition to salads and appetizers. Goat cheese is a great cheese for a healthy diet because its robust flavor means you don’t need to use as much of it to satisfy those taste buds (and this can cut calories and help you stay slim).

One downside: Goat cheese is not always the easiest type of cheese to work with. Goat cheese usually comes in the form of a log, sometimes with an herbed or spiced exterior, and its soft texture can certainly make it tricky to cut through. After a few attempts to squish a knife through the creamy goat cheese, you may begin to wonder how the pros cut goat cheese.

If you’re looking to make goat cheese rounds, here is a genius no-knife kitchen hack to cut goat cheese into perfect circles to serve on your favorite salad, in a sandwich, or as part of an appetizer.

What’s the secret to cutting goat cheese easily? Skip the knife and grab some unflavored dental floss (save the spearmint for your teeth!). Floss is ideal over other strings because its storage container is designed to keep it sanitized and guarded from dust or dirt, so it stays clean enough to use on food. With this simple string that everyone has in their medicine cabinets, you can shave off perfect goat cheese rounds for your favorite recipe!

These goat cheese slices are ready to be enjoyed as is, but you could also serve them warm. Try breading and pan-frying the goat cheese rounds to make fried goat cheese, a bistro favorite. You could also make a goat cheese appetizer with the slices by serving them on crackers with a fresh herb or some pomegranate arils for texture. (Try this trick to deseed a pomegranate.)

Phoebe Lapine

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