How to Segment a Grapefruit for Gorgeous Fruit Salads   

You’ll be adding this citrus to everything.

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If you’re not adding citrus to your spinach or arugula salad, you’re doing it wrong. Orange or grapefruit segments add a bright, sweet, and sunny touch to a bitter bowl of greens, and that pop of citrus juice makes each salad bite refreshing.

But when it comes to actually making that salad, segmenting a grapefruit can be messy and intimidating. Although grapefruit segments at restaurants are elegant and precise, yours might appear more jagged and flimsy in real life.

Shake off your previous cutting board nightmares and give this method a go. In this video, wellness chef Phoebe Lapine demonstrates how to segment a grapefruit for a perfect topping for salads, parfaits, oatmeal, and more.

To segment a grapefruit, begin by slicing off the top and bottom of the grapefruit with a large chef’s knife, one at a time. This gives you a flat surface so the fruit will not roll on the cutting board.

Next, peel the grapefruit by running your knife from top to bottom all the way around the fruit, cleaning up the white pith as you go along. Cut off as much of the pith as possible without slicing off (and wasting!) any of the actual grapefruit inside.

Each of the grapefruit segments will have membrane on each side. Find the natural seam with your knife and slice down the edge of the grapefruit membrane with a paring knife. After slicing along each side of the grapefruit segment, the slice should slide out easily.

Once you can easily segment a grapefruit, you'll want to add grapefruit to everything! Try it in place of blood oranges in this flavorful citrus arugula salad.

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