6 Fruity Iced Tea Ideas for a Less Boozy Summer

Stay hydrated with these low-sugar, booze-free drinks.

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At a summer get-together, you can often expect to find plenty of beverages to sip on, from cans of root beer to pitchers of mojitos. After all, alcohol and sugary beverages can be a delicious way to feel refreshed as the sun beats down on you. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to limit your alcohol or sugar intake, you might feel "stuck" with water.

Water's great, and it's essential for good health. However, water can feel underwhelming on special occasions, when you're in the mood for something a little more special.

One refreshing option that improves hydration and reduces your sugar intake (compared to juices, sodas, and cocktails) is fruit-infused iced teas. By infusing the tea with fresh fruits, you'll add flavor and sweetness. This way, you can cut back on added sugar.

You’ve heard of lemon iced tea and peach iced tea, but these clever iced tea ideas go a step further:

1. Watermelon iced tea

What says “summer” more than watermelon?  To really make it sing, add fresh mint leaves and a bright squeeze of lemon juice.

While most iced tea recipes use standard black tea bags, this recipe actually uses oolong, a traditional Chinese tea.

Check out this recipe for watermelon oolong iced tea by Tasha’s Artisan Foods.

2. Berry hibiscus iced tea

Hibiscus tea is basically dried hibiscus flower petals steeped in hot water, creating a vibrant magenta brew. As for flavor, hibiscus is surprisingly fruity, so it’s complemented well with berries. (Bonus: It’s a naturally decaf iced tea.)

Find out how to make berry hibiscus iced tea by My Modern Cookery

3. Lemon earl grey iced tea

If you love lemon iced tea but want something a little different, switch things up and try it with earl grey tea. Earl grey is a type of black tea with a subtle hint of bergamot oil, which comes from the rind of bergamot oranges. As a result, earl grey has an ever-so-slight hint of citrus to it, so it pairs well with lemon.

Check out the recipe for lemon earl grey iced tea by Feed Your Sole.

4. Mango iced tea

If you want to stick with the traditional black tea, this one’s for you. Mango has a punch of tropical flavor with a lot of natural sweetness, so you can really cut back on added sugar.

Find out how to make mango iced tea from Dinner at the Zoo.

5. Ginger peach iced tea

Peach iced tea is already a beloved classic, and the added ginger gives this iced tea a pow with every sip. Plus, fresh ginger can help soothe tummy troubles. (Sugary ginger ale often just has added “ginger flavor” and is not actually that effective at relieving nausea.)

Check out this recipe for ginger peach iced tea from Everyday Food Recipes

6. Pineapple mint iced tea

Pineapple and mint are a beautiful fruit-herb combo. In fact, you might even say they were mint to be (sorry). 

Instead of using black tea to make this iced tea, you can actually just brew fresh mint leaves. That means it’s naturally decaf, and peppermint leaf tea is commonly used to relieve upset stomach.

Find out how to make pineapple mint iced tea from Tasteeful Recipes.

Let’s put it this way: If you want a fun and flavorful summer drink, all you need is a little creativi-tea. Oh, and if tea isn’t your thing, here are fruit-infused waters you’ll love.