How to Make Your Favorite Winter Drinks a Little Healthier

With these tricks, you can still sip your favorite festive drinks.

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Are the extra calories from your #PSL obsession weighing you down? Well have we got a warm, frothy treat for you. Whether you’re addicted to pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolate, or eggnog, with a few sneaky tricks you can indulge in your beloved festive drinks guilt-free. Here’s how to enjoy your favorite cold-weather beverages this season—and still fit in your jeans come NYE. (Try these other proven ways to avoid holiday weight gain too.)

1. Hold the whip. Sure, that creamy fluff is fun (and somehow always ends up on your nose), but it’s also high in calories and unhealthy fat. Forego the whipped cream to save yourself a whopping 80 calories and 7 grams of fat per drink.

2. Switch up your dairy. Unless you add just a splash of milk to your coffee, the calories and fat from whole milk or half-and-half creamer can really add up. When you order your drink, ask for low-fat milk (1%) to shave off an extra 50 calories. You can also choose unsweetened almond or soy milk which will save you about the same amount of calories and cut the sugar count.

3. Ditch sources of extra sugar. If your drink uses flavored syrups—we’re looking at you, vanilla lattes and peppermint mochas—ask for fewer pumps to cut out sugar without sacrificing flavor.

4. Spice up your sip. Instead of adding a spoonful of sugar to your drink, why not try cinnamon or nutmeg instead? You’ll not only save calories while maintaining a sweet, seasonal flavor, but cinnamon has also been shown to help fight inflammation.

Skinnier versions of your favorite sips? Now that’s something to toast about.