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Smoothies: Meal-In-A-Glass

Sometimes you need a nutritious meal but don’t have the time to prepare it. That’s where smoothies come in handy. 

In this video, Nutritionist Amy Hendel demonstrates how to make a nutritious smoothie that will leave you feeling full without feeling sluggish. Start your day with the nutrition of a salad and the taste of dessert! . All you need is wheat germ, bananas, strawberries, an apple, honey, soy milk, fat free yogurt and ice cubes.  Smoothies are the best way to increase ones intake of fruits and vegetables, so instead of taking hours preparing the perfect healthy meal you can throw some veggies and fruits in the blender and enjoy the perfect meal in a glass!



Amy Hendel

This video features Amy Hendel.

Duration: 2:40.
Reviewed by: Dr Holly Atkinson, Dr Preeti Parikh, . Review date: March 15, 2011
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