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10 Veggies You Can Turn Into Noodles (Besides Zucchini)

Don’t let zoodles have all the low-carb fun.

Zucchini noodles might be your personal lifesaver if you’re trying to watch your diet but L-O-V-E pasta.

Typical pasta is made from refined white flour. While a whole grain has fiber and minerals, refined grains have those things processed out, so only starch remains. The CDC recommends limiting starches and carbs in favor of high-fiber grains and veggies to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Instead of loading up on low-fiber carbs, swapping in “zoodles” sneaks in an extra serving of vegetables. It also comes at a very low caloric cost: just 33 calories for an entire medium-sized zucchini. That gives you plenty of space in your calorie budget for a hearty, protein-packed pasta sauce.

But zucchini isn’t the only veggie you can transform into noodles. Using a julienne peeler or a spiralizer, you can make veggies out of these fiber- and vitamin-rich vegetables.

Special thanks to Inspiralized for photos.

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