3 Simple Exercise Moves for Your First Gym Workout

Hitting the gym for the first time? Certified trainer Rob Sulaver is here to show you the ropes. Making the decision to go to the gym is a huge step towards accomplishing your fitness goals, but walking into a gym for the first time can be intimidating. In this episode of Just Get Started, Rob guides you through a perfect beginner workout plan consisting of three different exercise moves.

The first exercise will be a goblet squat to the bench. This move will work your quads, the muscles in your torso and your glutes.

The second exercise is a dumbbell press with rotation, to work your chest and your triceps.

The third and final exercise will be bent over rows, which will work your lats and biceps.

This beginner workout consists of three rounds, with twelve reps of each exercise. Let’s get started!

Get ready for goblet squats by grabbing a manageable weight. If it’s your first time, start with 5-10 pounds. If you’re more experienced, try 10-15 pounds. Listen to your body and adjust the weight as needed. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart with toes pointed out and the weight against your chest. Repeat for twelve reps.

For the dumbbell press, grab another weight and recline on a bench. Start with the weights by your shoulders then press up and rotate. Tie in your breath with the motions, and keep your feet on the floor to maintain balance. Repeat this move for twelve reps.

Next stand up for bent over rows, using the same set of weights. Keep your chest tall with a slight arch in the lower back. Hinge down at the waist so that your chest is parallel to the ground. Make sure that your arms and shoulders are doing all the work, rather than your torso. Repeat for twelve reps.

Complete these exercises for a total of three rounds to complete your gym workout. You’re on your way to accomplishing your long-term fitness goals!



Rob Sulaver

This video features Rob Sulaver.

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