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The Bum Knee Workout

Just Get Started In this brand new series, Certified Trainer Rob Sulaver has created beginner, low impact workouts to help you Just Get Started. Rob adds some creativity and fun, using items in your home like the couch, your bed and the laundry detergent. You are officially out of excuses! (2 Episodes)
Video Description

Got bad knees? Too scared to injure them while working out? Many people are prone to knee injuries. Good thing Rob Sulaver has the perfect workout for you. This workout features three exercises that will protect your knees while you move. 

Exercise one is Romanian Dead Lifts. These are weighted exercises, so if you're new to this air on the lighter side until you have the correct form. Dumbbells in hand, stand with your knees shoulder width apart. Bend over at your waist, keeping your legs and back straight and the weights close to your legs. Return to start by pushing your hips through and bringing yourself upright. This should stretch your hamstrings and tighten your glutes.

Exercise two is the elevated push up. Place your hands on a bench or raised surface, and start in plank position. As you do your push-ups, keep your core tight. Make sure that your arms are tight to your body. This will work your chest and your triceps. 

The third exercise is straight leg lifts. Lying on the ground, lift your chest slightly by tightening those upper abs. Alternate lifting and lowering each leg scissor motion. Each leg should be straight and the motion should be controlled to work your core and hip flexors.

Perform 10 reps of each exercise for three rounds.



Duration: 07:47 Last Updated On: 2016-07-20
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