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The Laundry Workout

No weights? No problem! We've got a laundry workout for you today! 

Certified Personal Trainer, Rob Sulaver, shows you how to get a workout out of your laundry materials. No need for dumbbells. In this workout, he will show you three combo exercises. 

The first combo exercise is a lunge with a rotation. In this exercise you will work your quads, glutes, and torso.

The second combo exercises are squats to bent over rows. For these, you have to do a full squat and then a bent over row using the bottle of laundry detergent as a weight. 

The last exercise is the bicep curl to an overhead press. Curl up your weight and then raise it above your head. 

For the rest of this workout, you will do each of these three exercises for ten repetitions (five per side) and then you will do the whole thing 3 times! Get ready!


Rob Sulaver

This video features Rob Sulaver.

Duration: 09:51. Last Updated On: 2016-08-15
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