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Boing with Kangoo

Tryout Workout Watch host Desi Sanchez take on the hottest fitness classes. From cross-fit, yoga, and aerial silks to boxing, fencing and many more, tune in and decide which ones are right for you. (28 Episodes)
Video Description

BOING! Boing! Boing! It's the exercise routine that puts a sweaty smile on your face! Boing with Kangoo uses incredible bouncing boots to transform you into a human kangaroo.

In episode 21 of Tryout Workout, Desi heads to Crunch gym in New York City to learn Boing with Kangoo. Instructor Diane discusses introduces Boing with Kangoo, which is a high impact, low intensity workout that burns calories much faster than running on a treadmill. And it’s fun!


Duration: 03:44 Last Updated On: None
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