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20 Tips to Avoid Getting a Cold or the Flu

It's getting colder and you're starting to notice a lot more sneezing going on at home and at work. Cold and flu season is here! Lindsay Rehm, RN, OCN and Education Specialist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America gives you 20 tips to avoid getting a cold or the flu this winter season. 

First, wash your hands often. Some viruses and bacteria can live several hours on hard surfaces like doorknobs. Washing your hands often with soap and warm water then rinsing thoroughly can decrease your risk in picking up and spreading the bug. 

Also, consider cold and flu fighting natural remedies. In one study, taking zinc shortened the duration of cold symptoms by three days. Vitamin C and elderberry extract have also been shown to speed recovery. 

Of course, eating healthy, getting plenty of rest and exercise are key to staying healthy. 

Lindsay Rehm

This video features Lindsay Rehm.

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