3 Tips to Manage Crohn's Disease

Dr. Joseph Felder gives you three tips to manage Crohn's disease and explains how to implement each of these into your daily life.

Dr. Joseph Felder, a Gastroenterologist, gives you three tips to manage Crohn's disease and explains how to implement each of these into your daily life.

The first tip is to maintain a proper diet. There are certainly times where the disease itself may present in a way that requires special dietary changes. This could be the narrowing of the bowel, in which one would have to decrease their fiber intake since it is a bulking agent which can get stuck. But in general, the dietary changes one would have to take on while having Crohn's disease would be to have a healthy and well-rounded diet. 

The second tip to manage Crohn's disease would be to avoid experiencing anxiety, which plays a huge role in any disease. With Crohn's disease, there is a vicious cycle: anxiety can bring out Crohn's disease and then Crohn's disease causes anxiety. Unless someone breaks that cycle, the disease can actually get continually worse. A helpful option to avoid or stop feeling anxious is to see a psychiatrist who will help you deal with the emotional aspects of being chronically sick.

The hope is that the patient will go into a state of remission, which is a period of control in which the patient no longer experiences any symptoms. In this state, the disease becomes totally inactive.

The last tip is a very important one, not just for Crohn's disease but for any illness. This is to become educated about Crohn's disease (or any other disease you may have). There are several resources you can seek in order to learn more about Crohn's disease. One organization that may be helpful is the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (www.ccfa.org), an organization that is there to help anyone that has questions about Crohn's disease or who has Crohn's disease. 

Education is 90% of the fight. Once you understand Crohn's disease, you are already ahead in learning how to manage and cope with your illness and live a long and happy life. These tips as well as the many resources you have to help cope with anxiety or any confusions about Crohn's disease will make sure it doesn't affect your well-being. Chin up because it doesn't have to change your lifestyle if you follow these simple tips!


Joseph Felder, MD

This video features Joseph Felder, MD. Dr. Felder is a gastroenterologist in New York City affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital. He received his medical degree from University of Texas Medical School.

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