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3 Tips When Becoming a Cancer Caregiver

Stephanie R. Moore explains how cancer might affect someone who must transition into becoming the caregiver of the cancer patient.

Cancer impacts more than just the patient. Spouses especially have difficulty transitioning into the role of caregiver. Stephanie R. Moore, a Survivorship Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist from Cancer Treatments of America explains how cancer might affect someone close to the patient, who must transition into becoming the caregiver of the cancer patient and provides some tips on managing with this transition. 

It is important to let go of "normal" and what your routine was like before the cancer patient was diagnosed. Focus on developing a new normal and accept that your life has changed significantly due to this new role.

You should also make sure to stay connected to your social support network. One of the main predictor's in a person surviving a crisis is directly related to social support. It is incredibly important to stay connected with your loved ones and friends and to receive their support as well. 

You should also communicate openly with your spouse. Good communication is key in managing a cancer diagnosis. 

Dealing with cancer is very difficult, but you don't have to do it alone. Talk with your doctor about other options that you and your loved ones have throughout the cancer journey.

Stephanie R. Moore

This video features Stephanie R. Moore.

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