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4 Signs of Cancer Men Should not Ignore

Larry Altshuler, MD and Director of Oncology Intake and Internal Medicine gives you the four signs of cancer that men should not ignore. 

The first sign is unexplained weight loss. If you notice you're shedding pounds without exercising, dieting, or being ill, you should see your doctor to see what this weight loss might mean. 

The second sign men should not ignore are abnormal masses anywhere in the body. Most of these will be benign, but a mass that continues to grow is worrisome and you might want to see a doctor about this as well. 

The third sign is recurring bleeding, in or on your body. If you notice recurring bleeding, this needs to be evaluated by a doctor.

Finally, unexplained fatigue is a sign that many cancers actually cause. The key sign to notice with this is if the fatigue does not improve with rest. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it's time to see your doctor. 

Dr Larry Altshuler

This video features Dr Larry Altshuler.

Duration: 1:00.
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