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Time Management Tips for Staying Organized with ADHD

This advice could help keep the chaos check.

Getting organized is no small task some days, but there are some tried and true tips to help folks with adult ADHD keep on track.

First, use a planner. Combine your work and social calendars into one planner.  That way, you won’t forget to transfer something from one to the other. Also, keep a note section where you can write down ideas and reminders, and a To Do list to keep you on point during the day.  

Second, create and stick to a schedule. Give yourself time. If you think something will take half an hour, add an extra 10 minutes to help slow down the clock. Plan on being somewhere a few minutes early. Set reminders on the calendar on your phone or computer to keep you on track. Also, be wary of the random post-it. Make sure that any important or impending tasks aren’t tossed out by mistake.

And remember, you can say no. If you see your schedule getting packed, you may need to take a pass on that one extra task or errand to make sure you can finish everything on your list.


Preeti Parikh, MD

This video features Preeti Parikh, MD. Dr. Parikh, a board-certified pediatrician affiliated with The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, is HealthiNation's chief medical editor.

Duration: 1:30. Last Updated On: Nov. 8, 2017, 6:14 p.m.
Reviewed by: Suzanne Friedman, MD, Preeti Parikh, MD, . Review date: Aug. 1, 2014
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