Are E-Cigarettes Safe? What Doctors Think

Just because they’re less toxic than regular cigs doesn’t mean they’re safe.

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Everyone knows cigarettes are toxic and dangerous and cause lung cancer and other types of cancer, but what about e-cigarettes? These devices, also called vapor cigarettes, are marketed as an alternative to smoking because they contain fewer chemicals. E-cigarettes essentially deliver a dose of nicotine through inhaling steam, which users refer to as “vaping.”

So are e-cigarettes safe? Internist Paul Knoepflmacher, MD, admits that e-cigarettes are less toxic than regular cigarettes—but he still doesn’t recommend them.

E-cigarettes still contain known carcinogens, such as formaldehyde. And, of course, someone can easily develop a nicotine addiction if they begin using e-cigs, just as they would with regular cigarettes.

Although vapor cigarettes might be a better alternative to regular cigarettes for those who are already smokers and looking to quit, Dr. Knoepflmacher states that better, safer alternatives exist for attempting to quit smoking. E-cigarettes are a harm reduction, but they are not safe or healthy themselves.

One piece of good news: There is very little risk of secondhand smoke with e-cigarettes. That’s because the vapor in the device is mostly steam, so it dissipates quickly in the air and reduces others’ exposure to chemicals from secondhand smoke.

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