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Babyhood Basics - Storing Milk

In this video, Lactation Consultant Melissa Nagin sits with Mommy Melissa to discuss the proper way to store breast milk. When getting ready to head back to work, it is best to start storing milk in the freezer a month before your return date. This will ease your mind and won’t have you worrying if you have enough milk to get through the day. Keep a small cooler at your desk so you don’t have to deal with the shared refrigerator. When it is time to warm up the milk, do not put in the microwave; instead run a little warm water over it. Then when you think it is ready, test the milk on your wrist to make sure the temperate is right. Lastly, mixing milk from different days is OK as long as they are at the same temperature.

Melissa Nagin

This video features Melissa Nagin.

Duration: 3:20.
Reviewed by: Dr Preeti Parikh, . Review date: May 18, 2014
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