Back in the Game

Don reviews his real life experience on the joy of being in remission for Psoriatic Arthritis after a long journey of psoriatic arthritis treatment.

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Don describes the joys of being in remission for Psoriatic Arthritis. Though he heard about remission, Don never thought he would have that particular light at the end of his tunnel.

Now that Don has found a psoriatic arthritis treatment program that works for him, he was able to pick back up sports and being active with his family, neither of which he could not do when the pain and his psoriatic arthritis symptoms were at their worst. This perspective had also helped Don appreciate all the moments - big and small - with his daughters.

Through living with Psoriatic Arthritis, Don has found that the best therapy is getting back to who you were by doing what you love. His best advice is to not give up, even when it feels hopeless.