After Hitting 250 Pounds, How a Plus-Size Model Got Her Health Back

Kalyea Moss started with daily walks and cutting out soda.

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Model and health coach Kalyea Moss struggled with weight her whole life. She first noticed around 7 or 8 years old that she was bigger than most other kids. Moss tells a story of how growing up people would say “You’re pretty but…” as if to say she would be truly beautiful if she just lost some weight. This experience and many like it made her feel like less of a person.

Moss hit her heaviest weight in her early twenties at 250 pounds. She wanted to be a plus-sized model but needed a major change to achieve that goal. One day she made a decision to change her entire lifestyle and never looked back.

Moss credits her mother with being her support system as she began exercising and eating healthy. She cut out soda and started making her own recipes with lots of steamed vegetables. Moss had more energy and felt better than ever. Not only did she feel great but she looked great. In fact she cried when she saw herself in the mirror because she couldn't believe what she accomplished.