Easy Peasy: A 3-Minute Mindful Breathing Meditation

All you need is a few minutes for this stress soother.

Meditation is often talked about like a complicated activity that only a few can achieve, but in reality meditating is simple and can be done by anyone. That doesn’t mean it is easy, but breathing meditation is great for beginners who want to de-stress, five minutes at a time.

By following the instructions of yoga andmeditation expert Sarah Bernier Olin you will be able to calm thoughts in even the most active mind. Other benefits of breathing meditation include being able to control your reaction to situations, reduce stress and feel more calm. So find a comfortable seat and follow the steps. Before you know it you will be relaxed and ready to take on the day. Be sure to repeat every couple of hours or whenever you feel stressed.



Sarah Bernier Olin

This video features Sarah Bernier Olin. Sarah Bernier Olin is an International Coach Federation and Accomplishment Coaching-certified life and leadership coach. She is certified in Kundalini yoga, chair yoga, and prenatal yoga.

Duration: 3:32. Last Updated On: Nov. 8, 2017, 6:14 p.m.
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